I am 42 years old. All of my life I was self conscious about my smile
because of the dark tetracycline stain on my teeth. When I was 37 I
decided to do something about it. I had braces for four years to prepare
me for orthognathic surgery. My maxillofacial surgeon moved my jaw
forward so my overbite would be corrected. After that healed, the braces
came off and I went to see Dr. Stewart. She said I was a perfect
candidate for porcelain veneers. After talking with her and seeing her
portfolio, she installed them.

Almost over night I went from not smiling at all to grinning like a
fool. I can tell you the exact moment I knew I had made the right
decision to do what I had done. About a month after Dr. Stewart had
finished with me, a complete stranger said, "You have a nice smile." It
was the first time in my life I had ever heard those words...ever. My
limited vocabulary prevents me from describing what those words meant to
me but my whole world was changed.

I am 42 years old and I have a nice smile. Would I do it all again?
Absolutely! Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not!

Thanks Dr. Stewart!

Stephen...with a PH!

Whenever people complain about their dentist or say they haven't been for a checkup in years, I tell them about Dr. Nancy Stewart and her great team. They're all friendly and professional, and the work they do is top-notch. For the past nine years, they have done both 'yearly maintenance' and cosmetic procedures on my teeth, and I get regular compliments on my smile! Leave your excuses at home and go see Dr. Nancy.

Kate Y. February 2007

Dr. Stewart may be the only dentist I have never been afraid to go to.
Everyone on her staff is informative, friendly and professional, and so is
she. Check out the photo board on your way out, too - she's the only dentist
I've ever met who gets flossing photos from her patients' vacations!

J. Handler

I have been a patient of Dr. Nancy Stewart's for several years now. How did I find here? She came recommended by a co-worker when I was new to Atlanta.
How do many of her patients find her? The same way I did. It already says something about Dr. Stewart and her practice that so much of her business comes to her via reference. I love her attention to detail, the time she takes with patients, and how all of one's options as a patient are laid out:
the most conservative to the more aggressive options. I respect her staff equally. My dental hygienist is meticulous and, frankly, just nice to speak with. This also goes for the office staff.

My standards are very high. One of the few things I don't have to search for is a dentist whose standards equal my own. I love the simple, yet important things, like the fact that the office staff are profoundly competent and know me when I call.

If you are looking for reasonably-priced dental care that really is caring, I recommend you visit Dr. Stewart's office.

E. R. September 2008

Dr. Stewart is an outstanding professional. I have been a patient since 1998 and I have had lots of work done (both cosmetic and structural) with great results - I trust Dr. Stewart unconditionally and continue to recommend her to family and friends. She is a perfectionist who always puts achieving the best outcome for the patient first. Dr. Stewart clearly believes in continuing to invest in her professional development, and her practice, to benefit the patient. Her staff is very professional and loyal.


My husband and I have been going to Dr. Stewart's practice since we moved to the area about 8 years ago. Since that time, we've gotten to know her and her staff quite well. They are a fabulously fun and caring team that is always professional and there to serve their patients first. They know all their patients by name and take time to get to know everyone as individuals. Case in point: A year or so ago, I had a dental emergency during a particularly difficult time in my life. They fixed my crown, experienced my emotional breakdown and then helped me to deal with my distress. Now, that's above and beyond the dental call of duty.

Robin ..September 2008

I have been Dr. Stewart’s patient for close to twenty years and cannot say enough about how much I appreciate her highly professional, expert care and the genuine concern she has for me, my children, and all her patients. From the very first appointment I knew that I’d landed in the chair of a great dentist. No one had ever been so thorough or taken the time to talk as Dr. Stewart did. I love the fact that there are stuffed animals in the room and that it’s okay, even in middle age, to hold onto them. I appreciate her understanding and sensitivity to my dental concerns, and the way she succeeds in keeping pain at bay. I love Dr. Stewart’s staff—Kathy, Rhonda, Nyasha, Kelly, Amy—and the way they function as a well-coordinated, efficient, competent, caring team. I recommend Dr. Stewart without reservation to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Bobbie Wrenn Banks

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